Welcome to Central Texas Covers

Anyone who lives in Central Texas knows the weather here is famous for its extreme heat and brutal storms.  Make your outdoor space more usable, or protect your vehicle from the blistering sun and damaging hail.

Since 1994 Metalink has built steel covers to meet a variety of outdoor living and storage requirements.  We build carports, patio covers, equipment covers, RV and boat shelters, and shade covers for playgrounds, daycare centers and dog parks.  If you need weather protection, you need us!   Only a steel structure can withstand the severe storms we experience every year in Central Texas.  Our structures are built to last.  We offer a huge variety of styles, heights, colors, and other options to make your cover meet your exact requirements.

Give us a call or send us an email if you’d like a quote.  We look forward to serving you.  

For Contractors or Do-It-Yourself Projects

Although we don’t sell “kits” for carports or covers, we do have a full metal fabrication shop and can build frames, trusses, posts, gussets, or architectural pieces for your project.  No job is too small – our prices are competitive and our turnaround is fast.   And why mess with painting?  We can powder coat whatever color  you choose.  We have hundreds on colors in stock.  You’ll find that powder coating is often cheaper than painting, has a superior finish, and lasts so much longer.